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A mindset for a better and healthier gaming community

About Orion:

Orion was Founded in May of 2018 by Nerfed. We weren’t always hellbent on making the best eSports Organization we possibly could; we had our own lives and careers prior. Once we started to dip our feet into the world of eSports we couldn't stop, we were on another team together and just didn't see the growth that we wanted. So we realized what we needed to do and what the industry needed, a new Organization that is focused on the players and members of the community. We want to create, harbor, and foster a flourishing community for all; so we have been working around the clock to find the right players, designers, streamers, community members, and staff to help bring Orion from nothing to something someday.

We want Orion to be a household name in eSports, and as we are climbing up the ranks of the league and ladder of tournaments we are making a name for ourselves; while our players do too. We are excited to see where Orion goes and whom we pick up and have on our Journey in the world of eSports.

We want Orion to be home for all types of gamer, so who will be next? Is it you possibly? Come on in and see what we are all about



Orion has always prided itself on being different from other communities and teams; so we wanted to prove to everyone we mean business. The new facelift has brought a new fierce attitude to the team and we are ready for the next level of gaming and content creation for our fans!


  • Nerfed
    Chief Executive Officer
  • EpicBlossom
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Flipside_Flow
    Community Director
  • TheGreatScatsby
    Chief Talent Officer
  • ItsRelentless
    Valorant Manager
  • Bongo
    Overwatch Manager
  • Jenkai
    Brawlhalla Manager (NA)
  • Sup3rUnicornGuy
    Brawlhalla Manager (AUS)
  • Dolinski19
    COD Manager
  • RTSniper
    CS:GO Manager
  • Brah
    Discord Mod
  • Ray
    Discord Mod
  • ZimtaztiC
    Discord Mod

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