Orion gets some new entertainers for early 2019!

How do you kick off a New Year well? By bringing up another roster update! This time we have an usual amount! Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new people are joining the Orion Stream team!

We are very happy to bring on RushinJew, horribad, Heatcramp and Nomezilla to the team! All four of these people show great potential to grow a community, as they all love chatting, expressing and performing for an audience!

RushinJew has an affinity for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. This game is definitely a go-to for him, so he already fits in well with Orion just by game alone. But, you can tell by how he interacts with his stream that he genuinely cares about his audience. He is always thankful for each person who comes in and spends time with him. He might be newer to streaming, but he already has the formula for becoming a great friend, and streamer!

RushinJew has a goal for the New Year! He has shared with us that "My long term goal is obtaining partner. But before that I want to get to 50 subs." Quite ambitious, and with his personality, it doesn't seem like that will be hard at all! Check out his stream! Not only will he be grateful, but so will Orion as a whole!

Next up is horribad. Skillful and funny, you can be entertained by his plays and how he twists up his stream. He will do what it takes to win, survive, and overall, entertain! He recently has been playing shooters, which includes PUBG, Counter Strike and Overwatch, where he is quite good at all of them! Highly recommend checking out this stream! You won't regret it, trust us!

Horribad relayed his New Year's goal with Orion, which is that "I want to reach partnership on Twitch by Twitchcon 2019, however by the end of the year is my new years resolution. I have been streaming for awhile now and want to reach that next step!"

Heatcramp is our third addition to the roster! You probably won't want to leave his stream after you join it, as his charm is one of his many positives. He also has a wide pool of games to play, especially Counterstrike, Arma 3, and some various RPGs! He always stays positive in his streams, and plays off anything bad that happens with a joke, because he doesn't find much reason to rage at a game that he enjoys! Join his stream so you can be happy, Orion guaranteed!

Heatcramp wants to start small and work his way up with his New Year's goals. He stated that he "...wants to get more people into the stream and get to interact with them as well! ...Also another goal is to keep a steady streaming schedule that won't be hard for someone to remember or follow!" Come give him some love when you want to receive the same!

Our last, but absolutely NOT the least addition to the team is Nomezilla! Nomezilla has been with Orion as a designer, but we really admired her streaming potential. Both herself and the team agreed that she would fit well with our roster. Nomezilla has been doing really well with her streaming lately, in and out of the actual stream. She is very interactive and loves to make connections! You will find her playing a lot of different games, but her heart does belong to games like Overwatch and Mass Effect. Come and see what she's about, she will definitely brighten your day!

Nomezilla's goals for the New Year are: " be more involved in the communities I'm in, focus on designing, and helping more people whether it's with graphics, stream/networking tips, or charity streams." An honorable set of goals, and we believe in her, and that she will achieve these goals no problem!

With these four streamers added, you can expect more content to be pushed from the Orion Stream team as a whole! Also, expect more Community Days and more events from us! We want to be the best team to exemplify friendliness, passion and unity for all of our fans!

Thank you for your continued support! Let's start off the New Year strong!