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Orion have been developing division so game since we first started back almost a year ago now (it’s almost our 1st birthday! What is everyone getting us! We are the new kid on the block so we should get the best presents!), And CSGO has been a cornerstone of the Orion Competitive Esports. First developed a PUBG team, then when we started to get our ground and make some headway we went into a different game and this game being CSGO!

We didn’t really know where to start We didn’t know how to start but a team just fell and power lab and we tried our best to develop them and to help them succeed as much as possible in Season 30. Yet with all of our attention and all of our guidance we still fell short and we’re missing a member for the playoffs; so with that being said we decided to take a different direction with the team after the season that once seemed so lively.

Decided to take a break from training and take a step back to see and analyze what is going on. We were approached by another team after the season was over they seemed hungry, they seemed like they wanted to grow, and they wanted us to take their careers to the next level. Thus entering Orion into CS:GO again!

We were approached by some people who have been playing for a while and have the skill to make it into MDL but just need the organization and the promotion of an organization behind them. Lucas reached out to Orion to see if we were looking for an ESEA main team for a season 31 and after the failure of the playoffs in season 30 we were open to any kind of negotiation. After a little bit of negotiation, talks, and bonding The players and staff reached an agreement and they will be playing for Orion in the upcoming season! Head over to the Orion CSGO Roster Page for the full line up this season!

This season we would like to do something different for our team and we will be casting every single match of the season from the main Orion twitch (twitch.tv/Orion_Org) from our very own RTSniper!

We are extremely excited to see what this team can do and where they will be at the end of the season!

We wish our guys the best of luck on the inaugural game of season 31 tonight!