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Farewell to 2019, Hello 2020!

Note: Before I get into the meat of the article I Nerfed would like to thank every single person who has either played for an Orion, this year supported, or thought we wouldn’t make it. Every single one of you has been inspiration and motivation to keep this project going. Are you turtle that we got over this year was becoming an incorporated LLC within the state of New York and then building the teams and community of Orion. We’ve had many supporters come and go A lot of people that thought that we wouldn’t make it anywhere or do anything fun all of you like have been the catalyst of our small piece of success we were able to grab this year. I’m very proud of everybody involved and especially our management our streamers and our players. Every single day every one of them gives it they’re all and I see it and bring a tear to my eye every time I see them representing Orion In a positive light.

In the operating year 2019 we started off with 4 teams (EU PUBG, 2 NA PUBG Teams, and a Stream to) to a total of 15 teams at the end of 2019. We went from operating in one game to a total of 9 and with that we from only having 12 players to close to 50 by the time the clock struck midnight closing out 2019. To speak further on numbers for last year we had a small discord Community of about 85 going into 2019, but ended the year 550+, while a few minutes before midnight we reached 400 followers on Twitter. While our other social media platforms remain something to be developed that will be something management and I will be working on rigorously to make sure we stay on the up and up and producing out player and content creators content. For a small to a midsized organization within the Esports community we are developing at a steady pace and ready to take on the 2020 operating year with prowess, determination, and motivation like no other you have ever seen.

If anyone reading this is wondering why Esports organization take long to develop, cultivate, and get traction; being on the inside for a year and a half now there are so many different cogs to this machine that it’s hard to get up and running, as well gaining traction in a game. To anyone who thinks that they shouldn’t get into the community or pursue it as a career I would like to share the bit of information I found out this year that keeps me going every day.

Everyone knows Team Liquid, correct? We something I didn’t know was that they have been in operation for 19 years as of 2019. They have had their fair share of ups and downs including pioneering the scene and giving North America a fair chance within this industry. Steve Arharcet is an inspiration to all of us, charting into unknown territory; investing into an industry that no one knew that blow up as it has, and never the less making a dynasty that pretty much every gamer across the globe knows to this day as the best North American organization to date.

We may not be the biggest, the strongest, or even the most wealthy organization in the industry. In what we lack we make up for in determination, heart, and the will to grow and get better. In 2020 we plan on growing at a steady pace, further development of. Our current teams, and making a bigger splash within the games we are developing teams in. Alongside this management has decided that we will take an active role to try and get better sponsors for the organization to help support the players who deserve it

Orion has a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be but it’s apart of the journey, fun, and experience along the way.

Happy New Year Orion Family, we will everyone and their families a healthy, prosperous, and exciting year!



The Orion Team