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New Additions to the Orion Dream (Stream) Team

Thank you everyone of the Orion community who have been here from the start, and all of the newcomers who gave found Orion as their new home!

We strive for a better community if gamers and content creators, and we are building this day by day and with each new addition to the team. Today is no different with our new additions of the new Streamers!

Let’s start off with that we have going to add more international streamers to the lineup and with this most recent addition to the team we have added a couple! We have realize that there are some amazing underrated international streamers that don’t see a lot of attention so we would like to give them an opportunity. Without further ado, I give you our new additions to the Orion Stream Team!

Warklein is from Norway and plays a wide variety of games and loves to interact with his community! I was approached by him via email and we hit it off from the start and the rest is history! We are glad to have him on the team and can’t wait to see more of him!

SergusWhite is an extremely dedicated streamer who loves entertainering his community bring them exciting gameplay as well as colorful commentary! He is also fluent in 5 different languages and has lived in many places!

I asked Sergus the following question for this article and here is his response:

Nerfed: “What is it about a stream team that makes you want to be a part of one?”

SergusWhite: “I’m exited to be part of Orion as it offers streamers new to streaming a place safe place to collaborate and grow with one another. I never thought I could find like minded people and certainly not people who want to change the gaming community to be less toxic and more enjoyable”

iClikCS is a really nice and up and coming streamer for Australia, he has a lot of heart and loves to entertain the public! Hes also a mean shot in CSGO, so stay on the lookout for him in his upcoming streams!

iSnipezz27 is a young streamer from Buffalo NY whom has a lot of live adventures and has came from Sled Hockey to the world of Esports and we hope that Orion is a great home for him!

Thank you everyone for being on this jounrey and we hope that you are ready for a great SUMMER on the horizon!

Head to the DISCORD and start chatting up the new Streamers, and get involved in our new Giveaway in the #Giveaways channel!