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Orion CSGO Weekly #2

Welcome back to Orion CSGO Weekly. We had a very busy week with both the Main and Academy teams. Due to Super Bowl reschedules, and lack thereof, I was scheduled to cast 4 days in a row. So I decided to kick off the casting weekend with Scotch Streams. The Scotch stream on Friday was one of the most fun times I’ve had casting. It was not successful for the team, though as they ended up dropping de_vertigo 16-11. Lesson learned, as they would have had a win against that team on any other map. Half the reason the cast was so fun for me, was the fact that “JCEN” didn’t stream it, so I was the sole source for his Twitch audience to watch it. Speaking of “JCEN”, he gets our first Play of the Week (I’m not going to spoil it, just click it).

The rest of the weekend was monopolized by the Academy team going into it undefeated at 4-0. The Saturday scotch stream wasn’t nearly as fun. On my way back home to cast I witnessed a horrific head on crash that sent 2 people to the hospital. I stayed to help out and had to give a statement. That set me back a bit for the stream, so I was already annoyed by that and the fact I had to cast on Super Bowl Sunday. Not that I cared at all about the football game, but I knew I’d be casting to exactly 0 people.

Saturday wasn’t much better, with a peak of 3 viewers on a scotch stream it felt like I was drinking alone. I absolutely wanted to do something else, but I stuck it out. It was a back and forth battle on inferno against Stray Gods, as inferno usually is. A strong start with a 1v3 pistol round clutch from “ennPee” but once Stray Gods got rifles they came back with great site holds and utility usage. Orion then went on a 5 round T-side run, followed by 4 from Stray. Orion would take the last round of the half to make it 8:7 in favor of Orion. It was more of the same in the second half, with Stray Gods having the better T-side. Stray was on match point 15:12 and Orion had a couple of incredible CT clutches from “LaVish” (1v2) and a 30 th round OT clinching 1v3 from “garret”. It was at this point I started getting annoyed at little things. Nothing sets me off worse than when an opponent brings out an auto-sniper. “Subarashii” did just that, and the stream was a downward spiral from then on. It was at this point I remembered I had a dash-cam in my truck. It sits on the passenger side of my windshield behind my rear-view mirror so I never see it. After all the adrenaline of the situation I had completely forgotten I had one, and now I wanted nothing more than to go grab it and see if I still had the accident on it, so I wanted this match over with. Of course, it goes 3 OTs and the last nail in the coffin was a 1v3 post-plant AWP clutch by “Renegade” in round 45. Stray Gods would go on to sweep the CT side to win the match 25:22, and give Orion Academy their first loss of the season. Yes, the accident was still on my camera.

I was officially done with my scotch streams, and I had asked Nerfed if he would co-cast with me on Sunday. I had a great bit for it, but the plan didn’t work out. So knowing I also had to cast on Monday, and the fact that the map was Dust 2, I made the decision to stream the match with auto-director. At 6:6 of this match between Academy and Removed Name there were still 0 viewers so I made the right call, I also made the right call because this match went to 4 overtimes! It was a nice break to just be a viewer. I made some camera switches in OT, but other than that I stayed off the mic. A couple of our regulars trickled into chat once the football game was over. Those that showed up were in for a treat. First, “LaVish” was responsible for a 1v2 clutch defuse with .02 seconds left in the 30 th round to get Orion into OT. It was back and forth and in the second OT Removed Name on match point 21:20 and “DopeX” had the 1v2 AWP clutch of his life to keep Orion in the game. This earns DopeX our actual Clip of the Week. Orion would go on to win the match with a “garret” 1v2 defusal clutch for the win to beat Removed Name out of the league, as 2 members of the team quit after that match.

This finally brings us to Monday’s match between Orion Academy and Terraform Gaming on de_train. I was back to scotch-less professional form on the mic for this one, and the boys had a great match. “Luna” was out due to an internet outage in his area. That brought in “lightning” from the sub list. If there’s ever a sub you want to have available for your team, it’s lightning. He would go on to top-frag this match with 24 kills. Huge thank you to him for stepping up.

After this week, Academy is 6-1 with the extra match, and Main is currently 4-2 on the season.

That’s going to wrap things up for this week. Keep an eye on our socials for the next matches. At the time of this writing, both teams have a match on Feb 9 th . I’m going to attempt to do them both, but if the first one goes into OT, then Nerfed will have to cover.

See you next week!

By: RTSniper / Twitter: @fkssniper