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Orion CSGO Weekly

By: RTSniper / Twitter: @fkssniper

Greetings and welcome to the first edition of Orion CSGO weekly. I will be using this space to provide updates on our CSGO teams and general goings on in the world of Counter Strike.

Orion has 2 teams, Orion Main and Orion Academy, both teams compete on ESEA. Orion Main is in the main division and the Academy team is in the intermediate division. Now that we have that out of the way, I’ll get into how the teams are doing going into week 5 of ESEA Season 33.

The academy team is currently 4-0, blazing a great trail for success this season in the IM division. They dominated DefiNUTly in their last match on de_inferno 16-5 on the coat tails of a 30-bomb from Luna to remain undefeated this season. They will be playing Stray Gods this Saturday (2/1) on the same map, tune in to the Orion Twitch at 10pm eastern to see if they can maintain dominance.

The 3-0 Main team took a very sweaty Overpass match from High-Velocity with a masterful CT side, continuously bleeding their opponent’s economy. Their B-site holds were on point, with 3 players boasting 1v1 round win clutches. Their CT side was highlighted by a ridiculous defuse by Subtle using JCEN as a shield being fragged a mere microsecond before being sprayed down by the last remaining terrorist, I’m going to call that play our Play of the Week.

De_inferno was not as kind to the main team, taking their first loss of the season and reminding everyone to not only watch the demos of your opponents but also your own. Orion’s CT side was continuously overrun by Full Spectrum ESA’s executes, taking the first 12 rounds. The Orion main team has an excellent ability on their CT sides to adapt to the play style of their opponent; this is most evident on Mirage. As soon as they got their first round win, their opponent started to counter strat the counter strat; anticipating the rotation of Shooter’s AWP onto the B bomb site, and stealing the A bombsite. A 14-1 score at the half did not look promising but a 1v1 clutch by JCEN on the second half pistol looked like the morale boost they needed. They took the next 4 rounds including an incredible 1v2 clutch from Knowa. It was unfortunately short-lived, as with zero wiggle room, and a timely trade and subsequent bomb defuse by sava9e took Full Spectrum to match point with a less than stellar buy for the next and ultimately final round.

It was definitely a learning experience. At the time of this writing Main is playing tonight (Friday) on Vertigo… I won’t call out who fell asleep and didn’t veto for this match, but he should’ve KNOWn better ;-). I think this may be the sweaty PUG style match they need to rebound after the loss. Regardless, it should be a fun one, and I’ll be back next week to catch you up on how the matches went.

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