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Orion Legion has entered the Arena

It has been a long time since we have spoken just us (Orion staff to you the Public and Fans), so we wanted to say thank you for bearing with all of our ventures that have been taking up a lot of our time. Just to show you that we are on the up-and-up we want to start this weekend off right with a brand new roster that we’ve been working on and training for the past couple of weeks. This roster is in our bread and butter game PUBG, and there are some familiar faces from prior rosters of ours in this roster. Everyone here has close if not over 4,000 in game, a dozen plus tournaments and leagues they have played in, and many vouches from other people within the scene.

So we have further ado, We would like to introduce the brand new Orion Legion roster!

  • First we have Tazonator in the captain slot who will be playing the main role of close quarter combat expert, while having a secondary concentration on the DMR/Boltie depending on what his teammates want to do. Has been with us for almost a year now and one of the original members of the Orion rosters from when we first started. Taz has been a right hand man to Orion being able to do everything that has been thrown his way playing foreign tournaments and leagues, grinding up the duo ladders back in the day, to now competing against top tier professional players almost on a nightly basis. The growth of this player alone has been astronomical in the past year and we hope to do this for everyone that we are able to have the pleasure to play with.
  • Next we have DoubleLung, what can I say about this amazing fellow? Well to start he is a hard-working father and husband at home, a great manager at work during the day, and then one of the most toxic pub players that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. So don’t go getting in his way while he’s in Pochinki because he will kill you and will say in public communication “Thanks for the loot nerds!”. The growth in this player in the past year has been astronomical coming from an Academy team, bouncing around from different team to different team for a little bit, to being on the Orion roster for 4 plus months now. He’s a hard-working individual, his skill grows everyday, and I’m extremely happy to have him working side-by-side with myself and the rest of the team.
  • Look who we have next it’s R3lentl3ss! This guy is full of some high octane adrenaline inducing gameplay. If he’s not on the bolty in the back lines picking off everybody’s head and armor, You could see him trying to flank his enemies get extra information with a solo scout, and overall trying to get the team in the proper mental state to win every game they possibly come. Relentless is a keep component of the team he always wants to keep him proving no his weaknesses and capitalize on the team’s weaknesses to be the most consistent team that we can. Relentless shows me consistent drive and motivation every single day he comes out even if it doesn’t have a good result. It’s a pleasure to be working with him and I hope that him and the rest of the roster realized that there are big things to come!
  • Finally we have QuicKeYeS! Our faithful in-game leader, insane poker player, and overall fanatic of inclement weather Quick brings a lot of the table for Orion and the rest of the team. When he first got here he brought a different place dial a quicker more consistent and goal oriented play style. It took the team up a little bit but in the long run it was for the better getting them on quicker rotations, faster loot patterns, and generally more overall aware of their surroundings. You may hear him sign to his microphone from time to time and disapproval of what just happened but it’s all in good faith because he knows that the guys know that they shouldn’t be doing something; but The other times you could be hearing him say “Who’s getting BOPPED tonight!?” All jokes aside every single player that we had recruited to this roster have proven to me, other players, and the rest of the scene that they are very confident and capable players.
    • As a special treat we would like to add that Arctic_Wolf72 will be joining the Legion roster as out full time sub for the time being! This 15 year old is a fierce competitor, and we see a lot of hope and promise in this kids career so we are giving him a shit to prove himself! He’s also a very loyal streamer for the Orion Stream team!

We’re extremely excited to see where these guys are able to go, the accomplishments that they are going to be able to achieve, and the trophies we will see above their head in the coming months!