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Orion PUBG Mobile making everyone Proud!

Greetings Everyone who comes to read this latest article from Orion. We have had an amazing run these recent months with the brand starting to solidify itself in leagues, forming more stable rosters, acquiring Academy rosters* (more to come later this week stay tuned!), and acquiring more management to help develop the player’s skill. So wanted to thank everyone for following on the journey this far and we have an action-packed fall ahead of us this year.


Without further teasing of the main reason we are here;

The team captain, a friend of the Organization, and all-around superhero of a guy Dex. He has driven this team from the beginning trying to make them a top contending team in the scene, and well he has done nothing short of just that. Before him and his team were under the Orion moniker they were the mighty sG (ShowGuns). One day in the spring Dex found our website and just for the hell of it messaged Nerfed to see if they were interested in bringing on a mobile team to their PUBG family Nerfed Naturally was interested and later accepted the team under the brand. We then started sharing resources of management, players, organization of time, and other useful skills we have been able to bolster in recent months.


Fast forward to Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 when that very same Dex from ShowGuns then, now appeared on one of the largest Tournament Organizers mainstream for a very large tournament that they are fighting for top 8 for. It was surreal watching the interview of Dex thinking that not even a year ago we weren’t even competing in any tournaments, didn’t have any competitive teams (were just a stream team) and zero footing in any competitive scenes. It goes to show to anyone that this is a grind for sure, but it’s not a fruitless grind. You will not become rich (yes, some will but many won’t overall) but you can definitely start making a comfortable living now and definitely in the future if we keep progressing as we have. There have been many times I’m sure every single one of these players and staff have been down, out, and wanted to give up they never do.


We hope to keep producing content like this for the community and to be able to grow as an organization to satisfy everyone’s needs. We want this to be a home for players, streamers, content creators alike to want to be.


Thank you, Dex and the rest of the PUBG Mobile team for always giving it their all and making everyone proud of them all the time!


See their final 3 matches this weekend on the ESL Twitch! Twitter post the day of the tournament stay tuned!