Orions Streaming Roster gets a bit larger

This evening we are proud to announce that we have brought on three new streamers who are all very talented, entertaining, skilled, and quality streamers. They wouldn’t be joining Orions Stream Team otherwise; we wanted to make sure that we kept expanding our branding and adding to the roster. Today we are going to be introducing a few variety streamers who caught our eye over the past few weeks. So without further adieu, we would like to introduce the three new streamers who we are bringing on board today!

This is the new talent that has been asked to join the ranks of Orion. We hope that Orion can provide a nice stable and healthy home for their content and community alike. They have their own following, their own friends, and their own communities but we are going to try and untie all of them under one roof while they are at Orion!

We asked the new recruits the question of before you wanted to be in Orion what did you think of stream teams and or Organizations?

Ayyooomaggots: “Before I started streaming I never really knew about stream teams. I play games to be social.  So I guess steaming just made sense to me. Once I learned about stream teams I thought it was a great way to promote yourself, others and a brand. I use to think you had to be awesome at gaming to be on a stream team but once I realized you didn’t it clicked and knew I had to do it.”

VEGASesFynest: “Before I wanted to be apart of Orion, my views of teams such as stream teams and competitive teams, was sort of vague, honestly didn’t know much of the facts to even hold much of an opinion. With that being said, and with my opinions being opinions, I saw teams like this be pretty cool. The idea that people work together to help build each other up by sharing similar interests just seemed like an awesome concept. The only doubt I would bring to this opinion is that “Does it work”?”

Lev3lAir: “I thought stream teams were good and a good way of having people to play with and a kind of network for everyone”