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Orion’s SPECTACULAR New Streamers!

Everyone from Orion wishes everyone and their mothers a happy mother’s day and that we wish that everyone gets some quality time with their family and is able to enjoy the day with their family.


We do have some news for you today as that we have added four new streamers to the Orion family. They are all individually amazing people, quality content creators, and now I can finally say amazing co-workers. Orion’s Family has been expanding since the start and we’ve had a lot of additions and drops to the team so please enjoy the four new people showing above in the announcement post!


Kujo Is a really great guy who has just over 1k followers on Twitch, please a lot of quality Fortnite content, and a loyal member! I can’t wait to see this streamer grow in the coming months.


BluePlaysGamez Is Australian streamer that has wanted to be a part of Orion and we are always trying to support our OCE friends and to expand globally. He’s another streamer who has over 1,000 followers on Twitch and he has a budding YouTube channel so drop a follow on Blues channels and intake his quality content.


Gruzzlebeard was a late addition to this round of streamers but his stream impressed me and he’s a long-time friend of the PUBG manager TheBurlyViking! We always like to take care of our own and people who create quality streams!


Lastly we have KeiiiRan the quiet but the ever skillful variety streamer. This man is very good at rocket League and has time for all of his viewers and followers while he is streaming. He’s extremely friendly and we are extremely happy to have him a part of the Orion family.


Thank you to all the new additions of wanting to be a part of the Orion stream team, but when there’s always some new additions there has to some reevaluation of the roster and if everyone is pulling their weight. We’ve been riddled with issues of inconsistency from streamers who have been here a little bit longer and we will be tightening up the ranks of the Orion streamers in the coming weeks to help provide the best atmosphere for growth!


Stay tuned to see who still be on the roster and who else will make it to the Orion family of streamers!