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PUBG-M Has Taken Over!

Not only one million dollars on the line, but players futures and experiences is the very least of what may be told here shortly. The PMCO Spring Split last year was quite different. We did not have the support of a powerful organization like we do now which is the biggest game changer. Countless hours of practicing and combined with a determined mentality equals results. Striving for success is the most important part of our mission. Going through roster changes, leadership improvements, and synergy building put us where we are now and we will continue to grow and develop.

Playing in last year’s PMCO Spring Split, having a roster change in the middle of the fall split, and now taken on a completely different roster to chase our dreams. It’s truly a journey. While we are heavily involved, it comes with tough challenges but we definitely are focused to stick to achieve really want what every gamer wants when they grow up. We are the next generation and we have the opportunity to change what our future has in store for us moving forward.
Our roster for this event now consist of 5: Dex, Txkno, Onii, Leopard & Hops. Newly picked up Leopard and Hops show nothing but determination in their eyes while the rest of us show them how we move. As the scene consists of some irregular map consistency, we’ve came out on top of maps we would have never imagined like finishing 14th in NA on Vikendi after week 1 and 20th overall. This is one of the most major events this year as the fall split follows later on.
Most importantly, seeing all our other teams continue to grind through all the obstacles that are presented to them and still conqueror events, pretty much is plus an official stamp on it that we have to kick it in gear right now. We have to get as close to perfection as possible. Our goal is to conquer not only North America but the entire world.
As the qualifiers come to a conclusion, it’s always easier said than done and also definitely something that’s not unobtainable. Frantically awaiting a confirmation from TenCent, I got comfortable on the edge of my seat. If there is just one lesson learned from this, it’s clear; Don’t let any person stopping you from reaching your goals.
With many more to come in the very near future, we encourage you to follow @orion_org on Twitter and twitch for notifications and scheduling updates.

By: Dex (PUBG Mobile Captain) Twitter: @dexpubgm