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PUBG, The Ultimate Battle Royale

The Orion PUBG team was started in 2018 with our Finnish team that has been playing at a high level for quite some time now. The current roster is Madigge, Teho, Aesmi, and currently seeking a 4th. 2019 was a very turbulent year for the roster but by the time any league rolled around or qualifiers, we were ready to fight for our right to be there.

This group has played in all different kinds of events in 2019; from small regional tournaments to name brand Tournaments such as Fragleague, PUBG Finland Qualifiers and League, ChallengerMode dailies, and then, of course, the big PELC EU Qualifiers which they made it to Round 3 last time around.

This group of guys has been extremely dedicated and are always looking for ways to improve. 2020 will be no different than last while trying to be the best team they can be, so we are extremely excited to see what they can do this year!

PUBG Mobile was another game that we expanded into last year and let me say it was one of the best choices we have made to date. Dex the team captain came across us while looking for Organizations, and went out on a limb to ask if we were looking for a team. We had eventually come to an agreement on terms of coming aboard, and it’s like we have been family since. They were able to achieve 2 ESL Finals while under us so far but both time barely missing the LAN finals at DreamHack. We have had some rough patches with the roster but we always turn it around and come up on top in the end.

PUBG NA is another division we have within the Organization which has been an ever-growing and developing adventure. We have had a lot of different players on the roster since the inspection of the team; some who have gone to go on to be pro, while others who just ended up quitting the game period. No matter the outcome of a roster we have always persevered through the rough patches and made a new roster who were able to do better than the roster before. The current roster we have fielded is Tazonator, DarkDreamzz, Nlan, and Lush who are a powerhouse. So keep an eye out for them while they are playing in the 303 Pro-AM League that started past weekend!

Thank you PUBG for an amazing 2019 and let’s make this our best year yet.