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Orion PUBG

  • GretaTheGoat
  • Camberghini
  • ILoveGwenStacy
  • Number1Potato

  • NA Challenger Cup 1 - 5th Place
  • Quarantine League Season  1 - 4th Place
  • Quarantine League Season  2 - 8th Place
  • Quarantine League Season  3 - 2nd Place
  • Quarantine League Season  4 - 4th Place

  • Alex “Ranger” Fitzgerald
    Alex “Ranger” Fitzgerald
    1993 - 2020

Alex "Ranger" Fitzgerald was only with Orion for 2 months but in that time we were in Pro League for PUBG with him. We learned a lot from that experience and from him, but even though Alex may not be here with us right now he will always be within our hearts and with the team. No matter where he is, or how high he flies he will still be grounded here with us. Thank you Alex for spending your time here with us and dedication to all of your causes and passions. Rest easy!