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Orion PUBG

  • Tazonator

Aloha, I am Mitchel, aka Taz, and have been playing games for as long as I can remember. Even back on NES I would compete against my cousins which has sparked my competitive gaming side. When playing games, I always strive to do my best, whether I’m competing or just messing around with friends.

I started competing online with Counter Strike and have continued to compete in various shooters. After trying to push duo ranks with Zim and holding a high rank it was time to take PUBG to the next step and compete in tournaments. I started streaming to hangout and chill while being able to share experiences with people.

I stream a variety of games, as with life you need to take a break what you are doing every once in awhile to just enjoy the moment. So, remember to layback, chill out, and stop on by for a mixture of laughter and try hard game play.