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Out with the old … In with the new!!

Greetings All Orion Fans,

Do we have a treat for you today, although some of you may be upset at the following news. I swear to you it will grow on you over time if it already hasn't slapped you in the face with joy. We are always trying to grow, get better, have a larger outreach to communities, and remain competitive in the games we have active rosters in. So we wanted to take a different approach to Orion as a whole; management spends countless hours trying to figure out what was making us blend in with the rest of the teams out there. After a long hard discussion and brainstorming, we decided that we needed a new look! People want to be a part of a winning team, a great community and meet some great friends but you can do all of that while looking amazing also!

We have decided to ditch the #TogaMan Logo for the brand new logo you have before you today! The Artist Funky Turtle custom made the new logo and color scheme, and to be honest we have never been happier with how we are looking now!



This is a huge turn for us as that we were realizing that our graphics were blending in, our announcements were like other teams, and overall our colors blended into the noise that we call esports. We broke away from the yellow color to bring a more smooth color pallet into Orion, and to harmonize with each other for future designs, merchandise, clothing, announcements, and much more we plan to bring to you. Along with the colors we have brought in a new logo as we said but with this logo, we really wanted to let everyone know that we are not here to be messed with; Orion is on it's a way to the top in every single endeavor we embark in. The new logo represents Strength, Courage, and Valor.

We are a crew of people who are willing to put out lives on the line for the things we love and to try and make a career out of a passion; so we wanted their logo to represent what we want to bring to our people. The sword and shield are for the fact that we are always on the offensive trying to knock the best team down from their pedestal and claim the top spot in whatever we do; and the shield represents how we protect our players, streamers, community members, and our families. We are newer organization but that means in this industry we can either have quick success or long drawn out failure or vice versa it's what you make of it and how hard you work every single day to get what you want. A dream is only a dream until you take the necessary steps to attain it because then you are living your dream and nothing can stop you at that point. We are going to be a lot more successful than we are currently in the future but to get there we need to keep impressing, evolving, and getting better. This is the first step to a more unified, professional, and structured Orion also. This is a home for the deserving and people who work hard; this is a privilege to be under the Orion Brand and we plan on taking care of our people who choose to support and play for us along the way.

It's been a long 8 Months of operation, many wrong turns in which we were able to learn. It was a valuable lesson but we lost out on a lot of time and ground while we were fumbling around learning. We hope to be your choice of competitive teams, entertainment to watch and be a part of a growing and friendly community.

We hope you like it and we can't wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store for us!