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Orion Returns to Call of Duty

Once again we are expanding the competitive division of Orion, and this time it’s a familiar game but with some new faces to represent us in the scene. We have been in talks with a CoD team that has played together for quite some time now. They have played online tournaments together, local LANs, and played in Leagues.

We have been waiting for a dedicated team that wants to grow, and take the step to the next level of gameplay in the competitive scene! So comes along Dolinski, this guy found out about Orion through our old merchandiser, bought a jersey because he loved the design and the next day the design was discontinued. 

Up until Dolinksi reached out to us Via Instagram, we have been without a Call of Duty team since September of 2018. We haven’t put much thought into the CoD scene as that we have been focusing on PUBG in the recent month. So it was a breath of fresh air when we had interest by a team for a new game. We are here to give players shots when they may not have had a chance elsewhere; we are here to help develop players skill and increase their awareness in the industry, and we want to be able to remain competitive in as many games as possible.

We are proud to announce our 2019 Call of Duty Roster:


We are excited to see what the guys can do going forward under the Orion Brand!

We will keep everyone updated on the teams progress and announce all tournaments and where to watch them in the Official Orion Discord and Twitter.