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Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Siege; TAKE 2

Greetings all Orion fans new and old who have come to this most recent news article of ours! We have begun some reconstruction of management this week and will be on going until we fill up all departments needs; such as coaches, managers, and content creation support staff, etc. If everyone was wondering what we have been doing mostly that and working on the teams we have began to develop. Which brings me to the point of this article!

We are here to welcome to the new R6 team to the Orion Family of Games! This roster has been working with Orion management for weeks trying to get the roster filled so they could start scrimmaging and working on synergy for leagues that are currently running and coming up.

So at the helm of the roster we have Lion the foul mouthed bad ass that everyone loves to hate. We have been working with him since we have been able.to.get into the R6 scene and as a player I have seen grow and as a person so I am glad to be working with someone like himself.

Next we have Knightmare who is equally as foul mouthed but has the gun skill to back it up, and if you are looking for a loyal player and teammate look no further.

Taco was the next addition to the team and he has been a great person to work with and always keeps the team on track in and out of the game.

Greg kind of gets bullied by everyone else but we allow it because when you die as much as he does you need to get ragged on a little bit *wink*

Lastly we have Assault whom has been a wholesome addition to the roster among the delinquents we have conjured together! Always positive and ready to game!

Orion management and friends are looking forward to seeing these guys play and what they can accomplish together.