Welcome Orion to NA PUBG

Good Evening Folks,

We hope you have had a happy and healthy Holiday season thus far and we have one more holiday to go until it’s the new year! From there on out we have another 300+ days till the Holidays again and til we need to see our “Drunk Uncle” again…. Yeah we know everyone has one and everyone has their own story! Come to the discord and share your story in #general. Alright let’s move on to the main course of today’s announcement post. So as you guys and gals may know what we have only been doing news articles when we have a new team to announce. Well one again we have a new team joining the ranks of Orion!

Everyone please welcome the first of 2 NA PUBG Squads! We will be breaking the teams down into two UNITS as that we hand crafted these teams to tailor each play styles. We also want to point out that the teams will be distinguished by our Brands Colors (Teal and Yellow); this way no one’s achievements and skill is diminished by the A or B/1 or 2. Each team is amazing in their own right and we can’t wait to showcase their skills over the coming months.

Everyone please welcome ORION TEAL! These players FellerBTW, BenisBaby, iEmLethal, and TheLuckyTwig; with the sub of Unholy Agony! We are all excited to see what they can do in the North American PUBG scene and we will be giving these guys all of the support in the world and hopefully providing a strong fan base for them to grow also! So please check out their Profiles below and get to know then a bit better and check out their streams!

Stay tuned for the ORION YELLOW squad in the coming days! Thank you everyone for your support thus far and we hope to live up to the hype in 2019 and moving forward.

  • Tazonator

Aloha, I am Mitchel, aka Taz, and have been playing games for as long as I can remember. Even back on NES I would compete against my cousins which has sparked my competitive gaming side. When playing games, I always strive to do my best, whether I’m competing or just messing around with friends.

I started competing online with Counter Strike and have continued to compete in various shooters. After trying to push duo ranks with Zim and holding a high rank it was time to take PUBG to the next step and compete in tournaments. I started streaming to hangout and chill while being able to share experiences with people.

I stream a variety of games, as with life you need to take a break what you are doing every once in awhile to just enjoy the moment. So, remember to layback, chill out, and stop on by for a mixture of laughter and try hard game play.